"Museum Of Failure" Dedicated To The World's Most Epic Product Fails

March 20, 2018
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Sometimes companies take a big leap with a product they're hoping will be innovative and revolutionary.  Unfortunately, more often than not, it becomes a complete failure and fades away into obscurity.

Do you remember Heinz E-Zee Squirt Ketchup?  Do you remember it was purple?  How about Colgate's venture into the frozen meal sector with their Beef Lasagna dish?  Not making that one up either.  How about Crystal Pepsi?  Whether or not you remember all these failures, or even if you consider them not failures at all, you can take a trip down to the Museum of Failure in Los Angeles, which is dedicated to preserving these forgotten failures in all their "glory."

A recurring fave! #Repost @hollywoodandhighland ・・・ Something hilarious and full of fails arrives TODAY at #HollywoodandHighland! Get ready to experience the @Museum of Failure, a shrine to the greatest product and service blunders. Who has their tickets? // --: @museumoffailure

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Check out this #best9 selection for a good sneak peak at our failed goodies! #Repost @luckik30 ・・・ Oddly fascinating and super weird! Fun times! #comefailwithus

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Visitors to to the museum can visit over 100 of these obscure products and epic fails, and can even write their own personal failures on the museum's 'Failure Confession Wall."  Some are more personal and relatable than others.

Can’t wait for new confessions! #comefailwithus #hollywoodandhighland #museumoffailure

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The Museum of Failure is open seven days a week!

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