A Movie Is Being Made About Ft. Worth’s ‘Mighty Mites’ Champion Football Team

The Film Tells The Story Of A 1930’s Football Team Made Up Of Boys Living In An Orphanage

August 24, 2019


Hollywood is headed to Ft. Worth to tell the story of an underdog football team made up of boys who lived in an orphanage. It was announced this week that Jim Dent’s book ‘Twelve Mighty Orphans,’ about a Ft. Worth football team in the 1930’s, will be turned into a movie. Production is expected to begin in the fall.

‘Twelve Mighty Orphans’ tells the story of a 1930’s football team from the Masonic home in southeast Ft. Worth. The team was coached by Rusty Russell, who turned an underdog group of kids living in an orphanage, and turned them into one of the most feared high school football teams in Texas. The film is set to star Dallas-native Luke Wilson as Russell, with Ty Roberts directing.

The movie will be filmed in Ft. Worth, as according to Roberts, “there's nothing more important than authenticity in making a movie. Shooting in Fort Worth provides a foundation for us to build our film which allows our team to source everything as it was — from references, to historians, to the real locations — all of this is invaluable to a period movie.” There is no word yet on when the film will be released.