Mom Hides $5 Under A Piece Of Trash To See Who Will Pick It Up First. No One Does.

February 26, 2019
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Being a mother is tough.

How many times do moms have to ask their husbands or kids to perform the most menial of tasks, only to have to repeat themselves a hundred time because no one follows through?

We’re sorry, mothers. We really are.

Mother Miranda Crimbring decided to put this little fact that mothers have to repeat themselves to task. There’s been a piece of trash in the family bathroom for days.  She asked one of the kids to pick it up, and to reward whoever did, she hid a nice, crisp $5 bill under it.  

48 hours after making this little request, the trash was still there!  No kid, nor her husband, picked it up!

It was only when her daughter threw her dirty clothes on the floor did she accidentally pick up the piece of trash and found the money.  The best part though?  She left the piece of trash on the counter, and didn’t even throw it away!

Miranda said the experiment ended with a long family talk.

Again, we’re sorry, mothers everywhere.