Mother Keeps Wi-Fi Password Secret Until Her Kids Have Done All Their Chores

December 26, 2018
Chores, Bathroom, Wiping, Cleaning

Kids today are so tech-obsessed it's crazy.

They're almost born knowing how to use an iPad, and can handle a video game controller like it's nobody's business.  Which is why this is such a beautiful method to get them to complete their chores.  

A mother posed on Imgur the ingenious way to make sure her tech-obsessed kids get their chores done.  If they want the Wi-Fi password, which she changes EVERYDAY, they need to complete whatever chore she lays out in front of them.  This particular day, it was a nice, clean kitchen.  And to make sure an old photo isn't used, she has exact parameters the photo must meet to be acceptable!

clever motherhood

This is incredibly smart, but that's a lot of pressure trying to come up with a new password everyday!  

Via Yahoo!