Mom Changes Son's Name After Tattoo Is Misspelled On Arm

May 17, 2018
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Swedish mom Johanna Giselhäll Sandström though a fitting tribute for her two children, Nova and Kevin, would be to get their names tattooed on her arm.

It's kind of sweet, right?  Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication between Sandström and the tattoo artist, because inked permanently on her arm were the names Nova and "Kelvin," not Kevin.  Apparently, the artist didn't question her about the names, and she didn't think twice about it until she saw the finished product.  She went back to the tattoo shop, but was told there was nothing to be done short of a refund.


Rather than going through a tattoo removal procedure, which is rather painful and can be a little expensive, Sandström thought the only thing she could do was change her two-year-old's name.  From Kevin to Kelvin.  Now five-years-old, Sandström has learned to embrace her son's name, and Kelvin has taken to it as well.  She said, "I had never heard the name 'Kelvin' before.  There isn't anyone who names their kid Kelvin.  So when I thought more about it, I realized that no one else has this name.  It became unique.  Now we think it is better than Kevin."

Sandström and her husband have also recently welcomed their third child, a girl named Freya (for now).  Sandström does plan to get her name tattooed as well, though this time she is "going to write it down on a piece of paper and check it over 10,000 times," she joked.

Via NY Post