"Miracle Boy" Wakes From Coma Day Before Parents Pull The Plug On Life Support

May 7, 2018
Life Support, Patient, Hospital, Bed

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Trenton McKinley's parents already signed the papers to donate his organs to five different children in need of transplants.

Last March, he suffered massive brain trauma after a freak utility vehicle accident.  When he was rushed to the hospital, he had seven skull fractures, died four times (once for 15 minutes) only to be brought back to life.  The doctors said he had "no brain waves, a damaged brain stem, and his heart only beat because of adrenaline."  He was left in a coma on life support.  

Doctors told his mother, Jennifer Nicole Reindl, that the next time his heart stopped, they had to let him die.  She signed papers to donate his organs, and the day before the plug on his life support was to be pulled, Trenton showed signs of life.  His hands and feet moved.  His eye color changed from solid black to blue to green with small white specks.  Doctors had never seen anybody come back from the complete death of a brain stem, but Trenton was doing it.

Trenton was well enough to go shoots some baskets in the hospital's gym, and it wasn't long before he was back at home, resting and healing.  

Trenton's road to a full recovery will be strife with obstacles, but Jennifer is just happy to have her son back.  She wrote on Facebook, "God did for my son what he did for his own....and I am so honored to have him back this is my testimony....god is good."