Metallica Is Unearthing Rarities With New Subscription Based Vinyl Club

The New Service Will Include Four Seven-Inch Singles And Other Collectibles

March 5, 2020


With the resurgence of vinyl records in recent years, many bands have begun going back to the classic disks when releasing new records. For Metallica, this practice is nothing new, as the iconic metal band has been at the forefront of the vinyl resurgence for years. Now, the band is setting up a vinyl subscription service that will give fans new music on vinyl, along with band collectibles throughout the year.

Metallica announced their new subscription signup for their vinyl club recently, and fans quickly flocked to get in on the band merchandise. Signup runs through March 31st, and the band is already planning another subscription for 2021. For this year’s vinyl club, those who join will receive four seven-inch singles and other collectibles, such as stickers, guitar picks and posters.

This is not the first time Metallica has put out recordings on vinyl, as back in 2014 they rereleased their back catalog on their own Blackened Recordings label. They were also named Record Store Day Ambassadors four years ago, when they made an eight-minute clip talking about their love of LPs and record stores. It seems the band’s love of vinyl isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Via Rolling Stone