Men Steal Shark From Texas Aquarium After Dressing It Like Baby And Hiding It In Stroller

July 31, 2018
Horn Shark, Ocean, Seaweed

The San Antonio Aquarium was hit with a devastating loss over the weekend when a gray horn shark was stolen right from its aquarium by a trio of men.  

The men snatched the shark from the water, wrapped it in a blanket, placed it in a stroller, and walked right out the door.  The classic Three Men and a Baby (shark) routine.  Security footage shows one of the individuals reaching down into the aquarium, and carrying the shark off-screen, followed by another individual carrying what appears to be the blanket used to wrap the shark.

Luckily, it wasn't long before the man confessed to stealing the shark to the San Antonio police.  The shark is reportedly healthy, but will continue to undergo several days of observation to make sure she doesn't have any parasites and is eating healthy.  The 38-year-old faces a charge of theft between $750 and $2,500, with the police looking to charge two other individuals.  The aquarium estimated the fish to be worth around $2,000.

The man reportedly stole the fish to replace a horn shark he had of his own, but unfortunately died.  When the police showed up to his house, he took them right to his tank containing the shark, and tried to present a receipt that the police knew was obviously doctored.  He confessed shortly after.

Via My San Antonio