Man Sews All Of His Clothes Into Giant Coat To Avoid Carry-On Bag Fee

November 8, 2018
Carry On, Airplane, Luggage, Overhead Storage

Ryanair, an airline based out of Ireland, recently decided to implement fees for carry-on bags.

Lee Cimino claims to have booked a flight through the airline two days before the fee was enacted. With the new rule, he would have had to pay up to $11 to carry on a bag.  

Cimino didn't want to do that.

Instead of packing a bag, Cimino managed to sew every article of clothing that he needed on the trip into a giant and bulky coat, in order to wear it on the plane.  He found a tailor that helped him create pockets using the clothes inside the lining of the coat, and stuffed then with the rest of his clothing, toiletries, and any travel needs he would require on his journey.

He was worried he would not be allowed to fly, but it worked!

Cimino could not be immediately reached for comment.  We're assuming his cell phone is still lost in one of the pockets.

Via People