Meat Loaf Is Going Vegan, But The Singer Says A Name Change Won’t Happen

The Singer Is Helping To Promote “Veganuary” By Starring In A New Commercial

January 5, 2020

Justin Sullivan / Staff

When it comes to meat, no singer may be more associated with a carnivorous diet than Meat Loaf. The iconic singer may have been a vegetarian for a short time, but Meat Loaf has been back to his namesake since 1992. However, now the singer is going back to a plant based diet, and is promoting “Veganuary” in a new hilarious commercial.

In the commercial, Meat Loaf is seen rehearsing, when his new manager comes with the “brilliant” idea to change Meat Loaf’s name to “Veg Loaf.” Of course, one of the reps makes reference to his hit song ‘I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)’ by answering “but, he won’t do that.” The commercial is for British restaurant chain Frankie & Benny’s vegan menu.

While Meat Loaf clearly isn’t changing his name, the singer clearly wants to promote veganism by being a part of the commercial. Many would assume the singer would stick to meat given his name, but the origins of the moniker have been unknown for years. Meat Loaf may be keeping the meaning behind his name a secret, but at least he’s never afraid to let people know his origins are Dallas, Texas.

Via NY Daily News