McDonald's To Remove All Artificial Preservatives, Colors, And Flavors From Burgers

September 27, 2018
Big Mac, McDonald's, Hamburger, Black Background

Finally, McDonald's is totally healthy.

Well, maybe not completely, but the fast food chain is taking great strides in that direction with their latest announcement.  McDonald's announced that all of their classic burgers will no longer use artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, and without "added colors from artificial sources."  

This follows a similar move a couple of years ago, when the restaurant removed preservatives from its chicken nuggets.  Right now, about two-thirds of the company's sandwiches, are preservative-free, according to a McDonald's spokesperson.  The eventual goal is to reach 100% of the company's sandwiches.

McDonald's USA President Chris Kempczinski said in a press conference, "We've made significant strides in evolving the quality of our food—and this latest positive change to our classic burgers is an exciting part of that story."

Via The Takeout