McDonald's Pays Pranksters Who Hung Fake Poster $25,000 Each To Appear In Marketing Campaign

September 20, 2018
McDonald's, Restaurant, Exterior, Daytime

(Photo by John Rowland/The Daily Advertiser via USA TODAY NETWORK)

This story just keeps getting better and better.

Remember Jehv Maravilla and Christian Toledo?  The two friends went viral for hanging up a fake poster of themselves in their local McDonald's and not having anyone notice it for almost two months.  The only reason their local Pearland, McDonald's realized the poster was a fake was after the tweet went absolutely viral.

Now, we've seen pranks end a million different ways.  But this prank was harmless, hilarious, and actually had pretty good intentions behind it.  Jehv and Christian noticed posters around the restaurant promoting diversity, but there were none of people of Asian descent.  So they created their own.  And McDonald's recognized that this prank was harmless, hilarious, and had good intentions.  

McDonald's was so impressed with the fake poster, they decided to award Jehv and Christian each with $25,000 to appear in an upcoming campaign about diversity.  And if that wasn't cool enough, they had Ellen deliver the news to the guys!


McDonald's also tweeted a message to the friends.

We love it when a good prank comes together!

Via Inquisitr