San Antonio Police Apprehend Man For Robbing A McDonald’s, After He Was Fired From His Job At Another McDonald’s

November 13, 2018
McDonald's, Restaurant, Exterior, Daytime

(Photo by John Rowland/The Daily Advertiser via USA TODAY NETWORK)

David Gomez-Beltran did not last very long at his job at McDonald’s.

The 19-year-old new employee was sent home early a few weeks ago for showing up late.   As he was waiting for his ride, his manager recalled asking Gomez-Beltran questions about the restaurant’s security protocols and cameras.

It turns out, Gomez-Beltran would try to put this information to good use.

After being picked up by his brother, and still in uniform, he went to another McDonald’s in San Antonio, and told the manager on duty he was sent to help.  When the manager was starting to head towards the back to find the appropriate paperwork, Gomez-Beltran pulled out a gun.

He demanded all the money in the safe, which amounted to $1,500, and took off.

It wasn't long before police located the brothers, and apprehended them after a short chase and crash.

David broke his leg in the crash, and is being charged with aggravated robbery.  His brother Rey, who was a five-year employee of McDonald’s, and was also wanted on an outstanding warrant for assault causing bodily injury, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest and assault causing bodily injury.  

David suffered a broken leg in the crash.