Former McDonald’s Employee Claims To Have Given Out Free Chicken Nuggets For Years

Cody Bondarchuk Says He Always Gave Customers An Extra Chicken Nugget In Their Box

November 20, 2019


Everyone loves a good surprise, especially when it involves something free. Even if it’s something as simple as getting 11 chicken nuggets when you ordered 10, people get excited. That’s why when a former McDonald’s employee admitted to giving every customer an extra chicken nugget, people online started calling him a hero.

Cody Bondarchuk, a Canadian man that worked at McDonald’s from 2007 to 2009 recently sent out a tweet he had no idea would go viral. According to his tweet, Bondarchuk claimed he “worked at McDonald’s for two and a half years and I put 11 nuggets in almost every 10-piece I made.” Social media quickly noticed his generosity, with many calling him a hero for his deed.

Based on reaction, Bondarchuk wasn’t the only McDonald’s employee hooking people up with an extra chicken nugget. One twitter user commented on the post saying “If it wasn’t a bad rush everyone would get five in their four-piece, seven-eight in their six-piece up to 15 in their 10pc and like 25 in their 20pc.” Since being posted Bondarchuk’s tweet has received over 899,000 likes and was retweeted over 79,000 times. Hopefully McDonald’s doesn’t start catching on to their Robin Hood like employees.

Via Fox News