[Video] Marcher At Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets Knocked Over By Nutcracker Balloon

Staff Tried To Coral The Balloon As Wind Blew It In The Opposite Direction

November 29, 2019

Eugene Gologursky / Stringer

Everybody wants to be a hero, but sometimes it’s best to just sit back and let others handle the mess. One balloon handler at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade didn’t get the memo, as when wind started blowing the nutcracker balloon around, she thought she’d run in and save the day. Instead, the balloon slapped her right on her butt, leading to one of the better viral videos from Thursday’s parade.

Wind played a major role in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. While initially reports were that the iconic balloons wouldn’t fly, they ended up being a part of the parade, but kept at low heights. Still, the balloons were blowing hard, and as the video shows, it was too much for the staff to handle.

In the now viral video, the nutcracker balloon can be seen blowing sideways. As staff tries to continue pulling the balloon one balloon holder can be seen running up to the nutcracker to help. However, the wind proved to be too much as video shows the woman getting hit by the balloon and getting knocked straight to the ground. Maybe next year, she will think twice before running at the giant balloon.

Via Fox News