[Video] Man Surprises His Fiancé With Bikini Featuring A Large Image Of His Face

Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola, Known Online For Prank Videos, May Have Just Found The Perfect Gift

November 22, 2019


Most gifts should be given to make the person receiving it happy, but sometimes it’s worth thinking about yourself first. A YouTuber known for posting prank videos recently went viral after posting a video presenting his fiancé with a gift. In the video, his fiancé is blindfolded before he reveals to her she is wearing a bikini with his face on it.

Australian Instagram influencer, Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola, recently purchased his fiancé a gift he knew she would love. Not only does his fiancé, Patty, love him, but she’s also very fond of bikinis. Vitola assumes a bikini with his face on it would be the perfect gift, and her reaction is priceless.

After revealing the bikini by taking off the blindfold, Patty screamed and said, “What is that? That is disgusting.” Of course, it was all worth it for Vitola, as he said he “hates spending money on” her bikinis. Hopefully this leads to more women wearing their boyfriend’s face on their swimming attire.

Via Fox News