Man Sues Ice Cream Company For "Tricking" Him Into Buying Diet Version

May 21, 2018
Ice Cream, Bowl, Spoon

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When Josh Berger dove into his pint of Halo Top ice cream, he found it to be "harder and less creamy" than he was used to. 

Unbeknownst to Berger, he actually purchased a "low-fat" version of his favorite ice cream, and let's just say he didn't take too kindly to that realization.  Berger has launched a lawsuit against Halo Top because of its "false, deceptive, and misleading" which "tricked" him into purchasing the diet ice cream.  Berger claims chicanery due to the fact that the legally required label specifying that it was in fact low-fat ice cream, even though it was properly labeled on the carton, was "small and obscure" relative to other ice cream brand's logos.  According to him.

Berger's lawsuit says, "Reasonable consumers are not aware they are purchasing a 'light ice cream’ product.'  [He] would not have purchased the products or paid as much if the true facts had been known."  Berger even took issue with Halo Top's name itself, saying that the term "halo" is associated with the color yellow, which obviously means "butter and cream."  

Halo Top has declined to comment.

Via NY Post