Man Stabs Colleague For Repeatedly Spoiling The Books He Was Reading

October 31, 2018
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When your stationed for work in a remote location like Antarctica, there can't be a whole lot of fun activities to do.

To pass the time at their remote facility, colleagues Sergey Savitsky and Oleg Beloguzov took to reading.  The men had previously spent four years working together at at Russia’s isolated Bellingshausen station King George Island.  Unfortunately, their relationship ended in with attempted murder after Savitsky grew enraged one evening and stabbed Beloguzov with a kitchen knife.  His reason?  Beloguzov was repeatedly spoiling all the books Savitsky was trying to read.

Russian investigators are trying to formulate a series of events that led to the stabbing, but they are certain that Savitsky had become enraged that Beloguzov "kept telling his colleague the endings of books before he read them."  Beloguzov was evacuated to Chile with a knife injury to the chest, and though he was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital with a heart injury, his life is understood to not be in danger.

Savitsky was deported to Russia, where he was immediately arrested in St. Petersburg.

Via Fox News