Man Doesn't Let Broken Water Main Interrupt Morning Shower

August 9, 2018
Water Head, Shower

A construction crew accidentally hit an unmarked water main while doing some work in Columbus, Ohio.

Unfortunately, as a result, the water in the neighborhood houses was temporarily shut down.  This did not sit well for one man, who was right in the middle of his morning shower.  If someone threw a wrench into your usual morning routine, you'd probably be a little upset too, right?

This poor gentleman was in the middle of his shower when the water cut off, so he naturally was a little ticked off.  He exited his home demanding to know who interrupted his shower, and he didn't bother to put on any clothes to do so.  Neighbor Cody Vickers captured the glorious moment, and it wasn't enough for the guy just to say his peace.  He needed to finish his shower!  So he did, in exactly where the water main was broken and shooting up all of his shower water.


That construction project is expected to be completed September, 2019.  Good luck with the showering!

Via NBC4