Angry Passenger Sets Luggage On Fire After Flight Is Canceled

November 19, 2018
Airport, Luggage, Rolling, Suitcase

Canceled flights are the worst.

They're annoying, the airport is the last place anybody wants to be stuck for an extended period of time, and you have to change your entire scheduled plans because of something completely out of your control.

Some people handle that feeling better than others.

This gentleman is one who had a more "extreme" reaction to his flight being canceled.  A flight bound for Gilgit, Pakistan was delayed Thursday morning, and eventually canceled, for techincal reasons, and one passenger felt the best way to handle the situation and express his anger was lighting everything on fire.  For some reason, he started with his own luggage.

Luckily, nobody at the airport was hurt during the act of protest, and the fire was quickly put out by the Civil Aviation Authority fire fighters.

No word on what consequences the passenger will face.

Via Travel and Leisure