Man Says He's Captured An Angel On Camera

See for yourself.

May 12, 2018
Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Some of us believe angels surround us everyday.  Glen Thorman may have just proved it.

The man from East Jordan, Michigan recently caught the image (below) on his security camera: which emails him pictures when his motion sensors are activated.

Thorman sent the eerie photo to his Pastor, Deneille Moes, who said, "It was really clear to me the minute I looked at the photo, I just kind of freaked out a bit.  I went like 'Whoa! That's an angel!' And I texted him back, 'That's an angel.'  There wasn't any doubt in my mind that we were looking at something supernatural."

Some have claimed an insect set off the motion detector.  Others say their prayers have been answered.

Source: WWLP News 22 News

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