Man Pulls Off Epic Air Pod Prank Using Stickers To Trick People

The Stickers Show A 2-D Image Of The Wireless Headphones

November 20, 2019

Stephen Lam / Stringer

Air Pods are an incredible invention, but the one down side of the wireless headphones are they are easily misplaced. Plenty of people who own a pair of the Apple head phones have lost track of the small earbuds at least once since getting them. That gave one man in San Francisco the perfect prank idea, tricking people into thinking they came across a lost Air Pod.

Pablo Rochat, an artist and digital creative, came up with the idea to print out a bunch of 2-D stickers with an image of a single Air Pod on them, and place them all around the city. Many in San Francisco have stumbled across these Air Pod stickers, only to think they just found a new ear bud for themselves. Rochat has been placing the stickers in small spaces, making it seem more likely to be a lost Air Pod.

He has even got the chance to witness a few passer byers being tricked by the Air Pod sticker. “I often see people drop their Air Pods, so I thought it would be funny to make it look like people are dropping their Air Pods all over the city and see if people would try to pick them up," said Rochat. Being an Air Pod owner himself, Rochat knew the struggle of losing one of the ear buds. Hopefully this won’t lead to people leaving their dropped Air Pod thinking it’s one of the prank stickers.

Via Mashable