Man Arrested After Pistol Whipping Friend After Argument Over Bruno Mars Song

September 25, 2018
Bruno Mars, Afro, Screaming, Sunglasses, Grammys

(Photo by David Baratz-USA TODAY)


A friendship of over 50 years has seemingly come to its end, and it's all Bruno Mars' fault.

71-year-old Roger Washburn is facing a battery charge after he was arrested after an argument with a friend escalated into violence.  Washburn, the victim, and another friend were enjoying a nice Friday afternoon at Washburn's house listening to some music.  Washburn and the victim began arguing whether or not Mars was the one singing the song.  

Even when Washburn proved that Mars was not the artist performing the song, the situation got heated.  The victim didn't believe him, so Washburn pulled out his gun.  Washburn then allegedly pistol-whipped his friend of over five decades, resulting the gun to go off in the process.

Washburn admitted to police to whipping his friend a .38 revolver, and he was jailed on suspicion of battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.  The police report stated the victim suffered "a small gouge on his right cheek, blood on his pants, shirt and a red abrasion on his right forearm."

Thanks a lot, Bruno.

Via Fox News