Man Modifies Roomba To Scream And Curse Whenever It Runs Into Something

May 6, 2019
Robot, Roomba, Vacuum Cleaner, Laminate Wood Floor

(Photo by Getty Images)


In case you are unaware, Roombas are tiny vacuum robots that glide around and clean your home.

They have sensors that let them know when they need to change directions, but its still not uncommon for them to accidentally run into a wall, chair, or person.  When this occurs, the robot simply redirects itself and continues on cleaning.

Not real exciting.

However, YouTuber Michael Reeves decided to modify his Roomba to make it a little more fun. Reeves modified his vacuum to scream and curse every time it runs into something.  We’ve never seen a funnier vacuum cleaner.

WARNING!  This video contains NSFW language.

Via Mashable