Man Jailed After Throwing Microwaveable Burrito At Younger Sister

April 3, 2018
Burrito, Food, Tex Mex

(Photo via Dreamstime)


20-year-old Gage L. Fisher thought his 14-year-old little sister dumped out his cup of water to fill it with juice, and he was angry about it. 

His mother instructed him to leave the house to calm down (seriously, dude you were that angry?) but Fisher opted for a more appropriate response.  He decided to throw a newly microwaved burrito at his little sister, striking her in the arm.  She then called the police, where responding officers who examined pictures of the girl's arm confirmed it showed a red mark “consistent with something hot, like a burrito, striking her."

By the time police arrived, Fisher had already left the house, so they arranged to meet him at a nearby restaurant, where he explained it wasn't so much the water incident that made him throw the burrito, but growing tension between he and his sister.  Then the police arrested him on suspicion of assault.

No kidding.  Over a burrito.

Well, also due to the fact that Fisher has had seven citations for failing to appear in court, and officers were, understandably, concerned he wouldn't show up for this date as well.  Sgt. Joey Wilhelm of the Casper Police Department said in a phone interview that the incident was "pretty much the definition” of assault.  "He threw a hot burrito at her, causing a burn."

Via The Sacramento Bee