Viral Football Fan Gets His Face On Busch Light Can After Massive Donation To Children’s Hospital

Carson King Went Viral After Holding Up A Sign On ‘College Gameday’ Leading To His Donation

September 24, 2019


A college football fan has received the ultimate prize as his face was put on the can of Busch Light. Carson King went viral earlier this year after a sign he made went viral during ‘College Gameday.’ His sign, asking for beer money, helped him raise $800,000 for a children’s hospital in Iowa. Now, Busch Light is honoring him by putting his face on their cans.

King first appeared on television with his sign for beer money on September 14th, before a game between The University of Iowa, and Iowa State University. The pregame show, ‘College Gameday,’ is known for fans holding up signs to get on camera, and on that day, King’s sign read “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished.” The sign also had his Venmo username, which led to massive donations.

Instead of using the money on beer money, King decided to donate the money to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. Anheuser-Busch and Venmo have offered to match the donation, but the ultimate prize for his generosity was getting his face on the Busch Light can. King will also receive a year supply of the beer with his face immortalized on the can. Not a bad deal for King after his massive generosity.

Via Fox News