Man Gets A Tattoo Of Baby Yoda Drinking White Claw

This Baby Yoda Drinking White Claw Is As 2019 As It Gets

December 5, 2019

It seems sometimes people forget; tattoos last forever. A man has gone viral for getting a tattoo he may regret later in life. That being said, it is clearly the definitive 2019 tattoo; Baby Yoda drinking a White Claw.

Twitter user, “Baby Yoda’s Baby Daddy,” recently shared a photo of his new tattoo. As shown in the tweet, the tattoo is an image of the viral Baby Yoda, from ‘The Mandalorian,’ drinking a White Claw. Many online have pointed out this tattoo is about as 2019 as it gets.

White Claw quickly rose to fame in 2019 with reports the hard seltzer is even outselling Budweiser. That combined with the viral sensation that is Baby Yoda, this tattoo represents just about everything 2019 was. The only thing missing is a Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich.

Via Entertainment Weekly