Former Airport Employee Claims "Discrimination" After Being Fired For "Having A Man Bun"

August 8, 2018
Man Bun, Hair

Sid Ouared is waging a war against his former employer, after he believes he was "discriminated" against after being fired for refusing to part with his "trendy hairstyle," the man bun.  

Ouared believes that since he was hired and accepted into the British Airways customer service position with the man bun, having that serve as the basis of his termination is discriminatory and sexist.  He claims he was fired because his hair didn't comply with their uniform policy, saying, "I got fired from British Airways because I have a man bun, which according to them doesn't comply with their uniform policy.  The fact that they dismissed me for being a man with long hair is ridiculous and sexist.  They have discriminated against me."

Ouared believes that if he were a woman, the airline would have never asked him to cut his hair.  When asked for a comment, a spokesperson for British Airways said, "We don't comment in detail on individual employment matters."

Via New York Post