Man Creates Art Out Of The Weirdest Intersections In Dallas

August 9, 2019
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Driving in Dallas can be frustrating.

Whether you’re trying to fight through the constant construction, road rage, or even the occasional scooter, we’ve all had our fair share of a bothersome commute.

That’s not even mention we have some of the most insane intersections in the world.  Lucas Smith is a native of Anchorage, Alaska, interning in Dallas for the summer.  When asked to describe the intersection of Cedar Springs Road, Olive Street, and McKinnon Street in Uptown, he said it “kind of looks like an airport runway.”  Alexis Hood, a native of Dallas, described the same intersection as looking like “someone doing a cartwheel.”

Still, artist Peter Gorman is able to see the beauty in the frustration of these Dallas intersections.  Gorman is publishing a book later this month that features some our city's most unique intersections, which proves that there is beauty in the chaos of Dallas roadways.

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Gorman said of his designs, "I think that people have pride in what makes their city unique, even when it’s a series of frustrating intersections.  There’s also something about seeing them in a new, whimsical way."