Man Catches WWI Era Grenade While Fishing

The Man Was Using Magnets To Fish And Pulled Up A German Granatenwerfer Mortar

November 28, 2019


Anyone who has gone fishing has experienced reeling in the line only to find something other than a fish on the hook. While usually this leads to disappointment, for one fisherman in Michigan it led to a once in a lifetime find. Using a magnet to fish, the man found a WWI era German grenade.

Joseph Alexander was fishing recently at the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan when he caught a surprise. Using magnets, Alexander found a German Granatenwerfer mortar from World War I. “I thought it looked like a grenade, but not one I've seen before. We brought it back home, took some pictures of it, posted it online, and we started getting comments that 'it's a grenade, call the police.' So that's what we did,” said Alexander.

According to the Grand Rapids Police Department, the grenade is now being safely stored and will be detonated using C4. While the mortar is likely not very dangerous after being submerged under water for a long period of time, police say they will continue using caution for safety. As for Alexander, while fishing with a magnet has brought him a few knives, the grenade was his “first cool find,” and a memorable too.