Man Buys Super Bowl Commercial To Thank Vet School That Saved His Dog

The Man Wanted To Honor The University of Wisconsin at Madison School of Veterinary Medicine

January 30, 2020


When it comes to dog owners, none want to think about losing their beloved pet. That’s why when his dog’s life was saved by the team at the University of Wisconsin at Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, one man wanted to do something special for them. He decided the best way to thank the hospital was to buy a Super Bowl commercial in their honor.

For most, the thought of personally buying a Super Bowl commercial would never be an option. However, David MacNeil happens to be the chief executive of WeatherTech, the suburban Chicago manufacturer best known for its floor mats and custom automotive liners. For him, spending the money to honor those that saved his dog’s life, it was well worth it.

“My original reaction was, ‘No way.’ I think just because of how happy [MacNeil> was with the care Scout received — all our folks are so talented and empathetic — I think he just wanted an opportunity, and was in this rare position, to give back,” said Mark Markel, dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine at UW-Madison. The commercial titled “Lucky Dog” will air during the second quarter of Sunday’s game. While this may seem crazy to some, for dog lovers anything would be worth saving their dog’s life.

Via Washington Post