Man Becomes Millionaire After Developing Fake Testicles For Neutered Dogs

May 25, 2018
Silicon, Implants

(Photo via Dreamstime)


For 12 years, Gregg Miller operated a candy business called SweetTube.  He would fill a three-foot long tube with candies, and his business was even picked up by Macy's and Disneyland.  After a while, he became jaded with sweets.  "It gets sticky, the shelf life is bad, people don't pay their bills.  So I thought, 'What can I do,'" he said.

What he did do was go in the seemingly complete opposite direction of candy in a tube.  

 In the mid '90s, Miller recently acquired a new Bloodhound puppy.  He didn't want to put his pooch through the process of being neutered, so he never considered it.  Until Buck ran off one day chasing the scent of a nearby female.  "It was the most hideous four days of my life," said Miller.  Buck was eventually found a few miles away, and Miller realized he had to be neutered, or he would just run away again.

That's when the idea for fake dog testicles first entered his brain.  Miller asked the veterinarian if anyone made implants "so Buck can maintain his God-given natural look."  Of course, the vet told him that was "the craziest damn thing I've ever heard of."  Well it wasn't long after the procedure where the vet had a change of heart, thought fake dog testicles might be a good idea, and got together with Miller to develop some prototypes.  

20 years later, over 500,000 sets of Neuticles have been sold, the average price being around $310, with some costing as much as $469 a pair.  

Neuticles come in 11 different sizes, and have inspired Miller to expand to fake eye implants, a jewelry line, and a book entitled Going...Going...Nuts

All from fake dog testicles.