Major Airline Group Wants To End Emotional Support Animals On Flights

June 27, 2018
Service Dog, Emotional Support Animal

(Photo by Shelly Yang/Kansas City Star/TNS/Sipa USA)


A major airline group, that includes Dallas-based Southwest and Fort Worth-based American Airlines, is lobbying the Department of Transportation for regulation that would further tighten and limit the types of animals that can be brought onto flights as "emotional support animals."

Airlines for America has already presented a lengthy report to the Department of Transportation, outlining their desire to limit dogs as the only animals allowed on flights as support animals.  Specifically, the report said, "our member airlines have experienced a disturbing growth in the number of passengers with questionable claims of disability seeking to travel with animals that they suggest are necessary to provide 'emotional support,' but which are not trained as service animals (or even trained at all to behave in public settings like aircraft or airports)."

Recently, Delta updated its rules to only one emotional support animal per person, and forbidding "pit bull type dogs" from acting as emotional support animals.  Last month, American Airlines banned emotional support hedgehogs, ferrets, and goats.