Lunch Ladies Steal Nearly $500,000 From Cafeteria Registers Over Four Years

August 20, 2018
Lunch Lady, School, Cafeteria

For four years, nearly $500,000 was skimmed off the top of cash taken in by two different school cafeterias in Connecticut.

Who knows how longer this ploy would have lasted, and how much more cash would have been taken had the school district not installed an enhanced accounting system.  When the system found that almost half a million dollars had been taken from the two school's cafeteria registers, the fingers immediately pointed to the culprits....the lunch ladies.

Joanne Pascarelli, 61, and Marie Wilson, 67, were arrested last week for skimming major bucks here and there over the last four years; they are being charged with larceny and defrauding a public community.  The school district said in a statement, "We are deeply upset by this alleged violation of our trust and the trust of the entire community, and are committed to continuing our full cooperation with the New Canaan Police Department regarding these allegations."

Both women resigned from their positions last December, around the time the board of education started looking into the discrepancies found with the new accounting system.