Library Offers Free Bedtime Story Hotline

August 30, 2018
Bedtime, Sleeping, Story, Father, Daughter

Kids are always asking parents for "just one more story" before bedtime.

We did it, our kids today do it, and we're sure their kids will do it.  But what happens when we run out of stories and the children want just one more?  Or what happens when you're all grown, living on your own, and just want a nice bedtime story before you go to bed?  The Toronto Public Library has you covered.

The library has a dedicated "Dial-A-Story" line that when called, will tell you a bedtime story.  The story (recorded with an actual human voice!) can be told in 16 different languages, and you can select a story for younger (up to 7 years) or older (up to 12 years, but adults like stories too ) children.  

The program isn't new, but people outside of Toronto are still learning about the wonders of Dial-A-Story.  

The best part?  It's free!  So whether your kids want just one more, or you're in the mood for a bedtime story yourself, Dial-A-Story has got you covered!

Via blogTO