KISS To Perform Underwater In Australia In Front Of Great White Sharks And Eight Fans

KISS Will Use Underwater Speakers So Fans, Along With The Sharks, Can Hear The Show

October 4, 2019

Press Association

Through decades of performing, KISS has gained multiple generations of fans, but now the iconic rock group is looking to add a new species to the fan base; sharks. The band recently announced their upcoming show in Australia will take place on a boat that places fans in an underwater sub, in an area heavily populated by great white sharks. KISS will perform in full makeup in front of a group of great white sharks, and eight lucky fans.

KISS’s underwater show is part of an Airbnb Animal Experience promotion, and will take place in the Indian Ocean off Port Lincoln, South Australia on November 18th. Fans will travel on a separate boat than the band, and then KISS will remain on one vessel while fans are lowered to a viewing sub on another boat in an area known for shark activity. Using underwater speakers, both the fans and the sharks will be able to hear the music while submerged.

According to Paul Stanley, he “was a little taken aback by it, but they explained that sharks are attracted to low frequencies and so they’re attracted to rock ‘n’ roll." Sadly, not all KISS fans will be able to enjoy this show, as only eight tickets are available. Tickets will cost $50 with all proceeds going to charity. Reservations can be made starting at 6PM ET starting October 14th.

Via Fox News