Jimmy Kimmel Once Again Asks Parents To Tell Their Kids They Stole Their Halloween Candy And Film It

November 2, 2018
Jimmy Kimmel, Tux, Laughing, Smiling

(Photo by A.M.P.A.S. via USA TODAY NETWORK)


Halloween was often our favorite day as kids.

We got to dress up, there was usually a party at school, and we got free candy.  What more could we haves asked for?  

Jimmy Kimmel knows this; he was once a kid too, we think.  So every year, he asks parents to record themselves telling their children they ate all of their Halloween candy, and put it on YouTube.  This is their eight year featuring this stunt, and year after year, the reactions are the same.  These poor kids worked so hard for that candy, only to have it taken away from them?!  By the people they trust the most?!


Being that it's already November 2nd, we're certain all of your kids' Halloween candy is gone by now.  There's always next year!

Via People