"To Kill A Mockingbird" Has Been Adapted Into A Graphic Novel

September 10, 2018
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Harper Lee's classic 1960 work To Kill A Mockingbird is one of America's classic novels.

It's often required reading in schools, and with good reason.  Which is why British artist Fred Fordham is nervous.  Fordham has been commissioned with the task of adapting one of America's most classic novels into a graphic novel.  Essentially, a comic book.  He said he was "daunted" when approached with the project, because "it's almost considered more than a novel – it's a cultural event."

Fordham said the graphic novel should not be read as a "substitute" to the original, and neither as a "reductive alternative."  He said, "I read it at school and then again at University.  To try and do a graphic adaptation of something solely to make it easier to read is almost certainly going to do a disservice to the original novel, and it does also to the graphic novel too in a way because it's treating it as kind of kid gloves version.  This should be read as well as, not instead of."

To Kill A Mockingbird still sells more than a million copies worldwide every year.

Via The Indian Express