Kids These Days Have No Idea How We Used To Burn CDs

October 24, 2018
CDs, Compact Discs

Back in the good ol' days, kids, we had these things called "CDs" that we would have to put in a "CD Player" in order to hear music.

Just pray you don't hit a bump while you're riding in the car.

Believe it or not, there are kid these days who have no idea how we shared music with one another before iTunes and streaming services.  Burned CDs have become a forgotten relic of the past.

17-year-old Alyssa Lucas from Baltimore sent Twitter into a tizzy when she innocently asked how people burned CDs.  Specifically, she wrote, "how did you just get a blank CD and put songs on it?."

Of course, the world reacted.

Alyssa had an amazing attitude about her newfound fame.  She joked to Buzzfeed News, "I can definitely say after all of this, I know how to burn at least 100 CDs if I wanted.  I still prefer modern ways of saving music.  It's much easier to just go on Spotify and save whatever I want."  

And on the dispute between streaming versus CDs, she said, "I think that when it comes to stuff like this, it really all depends on what you were exposed to.  Times change and there's always going to be pros and cons to it."

Via Buzzfeed News