Kids Ruin Mother’s Massive Supply Of Toilet Paper While Playing

The Mother's Friend Shared A Photo Of The Unfortunate Results Of Her Kid’s Playing

March 18, 2020


One of the first items to disappear from shelves due to the coronavirus was toilet paper. While many have been criticized for over buying toilet paper, one mother is now wishing she bought more. As seen in the now viral photo, the mom’s massive supply of toilet paper was ruined by her children’s idea of fun.

In a photo shared by her friend, Ed Cumming, the mother’s entire 18 roll package of toilet paper was destroyed when her children decided to throw all the roles in the bathtub. “My friend bought 18 loo rolls and her kids put them all in the bath," Cummings wrote along with the photo. Tossed in the water along with countless bath toys, the toilet paper had begun to dissolve by the time the mother caught wind of what her children were up to.

While many have been criticized for their stockpile of toilet paper, this mother is now hoping she will be able to find more at the store. Many online felt bad for her, especially given how many rolls were destroyed at once. For parents whose kids are home during the coronavirus outbreak, make sure their play doesn’t involve potential quarantine supplies.

Via Fox News