Keith Richards Claims He Has Been Cigarette Free Since October

The Rolling Stones Guitarist Said “Done That, Been There” About His Former Habit

February 7, 2020

Press Association

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is known for many things, but the image of the guitarist playing with a cigarette in his mouth is engrained in the minds of many fans of the iconic band. However, that image may soon start to fade away, as the 76 year old has announced he has finally quit the habit. According to Richards, he has been cigarette free since October.

Many Rolling Stones fans were shocked to hear Keith Richards has given up smoking after all these years. “Done that, been there,” said Richards of his career long habit. Richards has a well documented history with toxicology, but recently has given up most habits, with cigarettes being the final hill to climb.

Now cigarette free, and gearing up for another Rolling Stones tour, Richards has no end in sight. “I think both Mick [Jagger> and I felt that on the last tour we were just getting going… [We>’ve got to continue this,” said the rock star. While fans are excited for Richards, many will be shocked to see him performing without a cigarette.

Via Page Six