'Jurassic World' Makes $500 Million Before U.S. Release

June 26, 2018
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USA Today

The latest installment in Disney's flagship dinosaur franchise, 'Jurassic Park,' has already made some major money, and it hasn't even hit theaters in the U.S. 

This weekend alone 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' raked in $150 million. Currently, 'Fallen Kingdom,' which has been on the global market for just under three weeks, has pulled in $711.5 million, replacing 'Deadpool 2' as the third highest grossing movie this year.

Most of the money comes from the Chinese market. Though the original 'Jurassic Park' series never released in China, 2015's 'Jurassic World' managed to gros $228.7 million in China alone.

'Fallen Kingdom' hits U.S. theaters on Friday and is expected to clear $150 million opening weekend.

Via Mashable