Judge To Allow Woman To Testify From Beyond The Grave At Own Murder Trial

April 17, 2018
Court, Courtoom

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Three years ago, Judy Malinowski was doused in gasoline and left for dead at a gas station in her native Ohio, eventually passing away this past Summer.  In just a few months, she will be making a testimony against her ex-boyfriend in her own murder trial.

Five months before she passed, Malinowski recorded a video testimony from her deathbed which the judge has been ruled will be allowed to play in the courtroom.  Franklin County prosecutor said if they weren't allowed to play the tape, it wouldn't have necessarily hindered their case, but allowing it certainly "enhances our ability to present what happened that day."


An attorney of her ex-boyfriend Michael Slager, who is charged with her murder, was present at the time the testimony was filmed, and was allowed to cross-examine her during the process.  Slager's defense attorney Mark Collins believes Malinowski "may be the only victim to testify in their own murder trial."

Malinowski's mother, Bonnie Bowes, said she is grateful " that Judy can tell her story...She went to her grave thinking that the judicial system would unseal her side of the story.  Judy fought to tell her story.  I think it’s the first step towards what her legacy should and will be."

The trial is set to begin in July. 

Via People