JT Interviews Sir Mix-a-Lot Ahead Of Two DFW Shows This Week

March 11, 2020

JT had a chat with Sir-MIx-A-Lot ahead of his two shows in DFW this week.

Sir-MIx-A-Lot talks about the current state of affairs in his home state of Washington, one of the places hit hardest by the Coronavirus.

They discuss his coming up in Seattle at the same time as the grunge movement, why Baby Got Back is more relevant than ever today and what touring is like for him.

Did you know the only thing he requests on his rider is a clean hotel?

Sir-MIx-A-Lot wraps it up by talking about working with young hip hop artists and teaching them the importance of looking different than whatever else is out there and putting on a good performance.

Listen to the full interview on our podcast below:

Catch Sir-Mix-A-Lot tonight (3/11) at the Ridglea Theater, more information HERE.

and tomorrow (3/12) a Lava Cantina, more information HERE.