Jon Bon Jovi Says He Would Prefer To Have Richie Sambora In The Band

The Guitarist Left Bon Jovi In 2013 During Their ‘Because We Can’ Tour

December 10, 2019


It has been six years since Richie Sambora left Bon Jovi in the middle of a tour, but that hasn’t stopped the band from continuing to play around the world. Still, if it was up to band leader Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora would still be in the band. In a recent interview, Bon Jovi said not having Sambora in the band is like having “one arm tied behind my back.”

Richie Sambora left Bon Jovi in 2013 during the ‘Because We Can’ tour, and though the guitarist has played with his former bandmates at events like their Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction, the group has continued without him since then. Still, there’s something about the Sambora magic that continues to intrigue Jon Bon Jovi. “We got it. I wish he was here, too, because we were a formidable duo. Our voices were the magic and he’s a great guy and all that kind of stuff but his choices have led him astray,” said Bon Jovi in a recent interview.

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Of course, the reason Sambora left the group was the tough road schedule. However, according to Bon Jovi, “I don’t desire to be on the road for a year at a time. It’s not what fuels me any longer.” The interview touched on a number of things, including Sambora and Bon Jovi’s relationship. While the band has done fine without Sambora, with tours grossing $868.8 million since he left, Bon Jovi knows the appeal of having Richie Sambora next to him.