Joey Kramer In Talks With Aerosmith To Return To The Band

The Drummer Sued His Bandmates Last Month Over Their Grammy Performance

February 10, 2020

Jamie McCarthy / Staff

It looks like the drama surrounding Aerosmith is finally over. Last month, drummer Joey Kramer sued his bandmates claiming they wouldn’t allow him to perform at the Grammys with them. Now, it is being reported that Kramer has spent the last few days working with the band to return to his spot on the drums.

Many Aerosmith fans were shocked when news of Kramer’s lawsuit broke, right before the band was set to perform at the Grammys. Both Kramer and the rest of Aerosmith had their side of the story, but in the end a judge ruled against Kramer, as the band continued to perform without him. Now, it appears the band doesn’t want this to continue as Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford have been working with Kramer to get him back to the level needed on drums.

“Joey has been practicing to get his skills back to where they were before his absence, and once Kramer proves he's up to the task ... the fellas will let him back in to start beating the skins again,” said a source with knowledge of the subject. It appears the shoulder injury Kramer sustained last year is no longer preventing him from playing. Hopefully this truly is the end of the drama, and Kramer can rejoin the group for their Vegas residency.

Via Blabbermouth