Jerry Seinfeld Jokingly Tweets About Potential ‘Seinfeld’ Reboot

The Comedian Said He’d “Contemplate” It If He Could Get MLB Star, Pete Alonso, For An Episode

October 1, 2019

Lisa Lake / Stringer

With all the classic shows being brought back to television, there is one show that continues to refuse a reboot. For years, ‘Seinfeld’ creators, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, have refused the idea of bringing back their hit show. However, a tweet sent out by Jerry Seinfeld recently may show the comedian is coming around to the idea of a reboot.

In his tweet, Jerry Seinfeld was honoring pro baseball player Pete Alonso, the New York Mets star that recently broke the rookie home run record. Seinfeld, a huge Mets fan, said he’d “Deeply contemplating “Seinfeld” re-boot” as long as he could get Alonso for the next version of the classic episode ‘The Boyfriend.’ In that episode, Seinfeld gets to meet his hero, former Mets star Keith Hernandez.

Oh my. @pistol_pete20 look what have you done to my husband. --❤️⚡️------‍❤️‍--

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Fans were shocked at the tweet, even if the comedian was simply joking. Still, that didn’t stop the rumors from flying in, and eventually Seinfeld’s wife went to Instagram to share her feelings on a potential reboot. While this tweet was most likely a joke, it at least shows Seinfeld is somewhat open to the idea of bringing back his classic show. That or it’s simply a tweet about nothing.