Jerry Seinfeld Described His Daughter Going To College As Baby Alligator Outgrowing The Bathtub

The Comedian Was Discussing Dropping His Child Off To College For The First Time

November 22, 2019

Emma McIntyre / Staff

Sending your child off to college is tough for just about any parent. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently experienced this for the first time with his daughter Sascha, and had the perfect way to describe the feeling.

New chapter begins for Sascha. Off to college! ⚡️ So many warm wishes and goobye’s sent our way from friends and family this morning before we left. Thank you! We feel tremendous gratitude for each and all. Ps - Julian is getting a haircut today.

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Talking with fellow comedian Amy Schumer, Seinfeld said it was like his daughter was a “cute” baby alligator that outgrew the bathtub. He also described that when dropping her off he was “a total puddle.” Of course, the comedian couldn’t help but make a few jokes about the emotional experience.

"I say it’s kind of like if you found a little baby alligator and you put it in your tub, and you would think, 'Oh, look at his little bitey teeth, they’re so cute,' and then some time goes by, and you go, 'You know, I think we gotta get this thing the hell out of here,’” joked Seinfeld. Now that his daughter is out of the house, Seinfeld admits raising daughters wasn’t “work” like his job as a stand up. Hopefully the added free time leads to even more hilarious comedy from Seinfeld.

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