KFC Taps "Seinfeld's" Jason Alexander As The New Colonel Sanders

August 7, 2018
Jason Alexander, Suit, Smile, Art Vandelay

(Photo by Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT/Sipa USA)

A few years ago, it seemed like we would get a new Colonel Sanders in KFC's commercials every few months.

SNL alums Darrel Hammond and Norm Macdonald, Comedian Jim Gaffigan, and actor George Hamilton have all portrayed the Colonel in commercials, with actress and singer Reba McEntire the latest to don the white suit and bucket of chicken.  Her ads started airing earlier this year, but now, we have a new Colonel, and he is affectionately being referred to as "Sitcom Colonel."

Seinfeld star Jason Alexander is our newest Colonel Sanders, and will be featured in ads promoting KFC's $20 Fill Ups, which include chicken, biscuits, and sides.

Alexander said of portraying the Colonel, "As the son of two working parents, there were plenty of dinnertimes when a bucket of chicken and all the fixins saved the day.  It's been fun to combine my personal love for KFC with my sitcom experience into a new take on the role of Colonel Sanders."

Alexander's ads began airing on television and the internet yesterday.

Via Fortune