Jack Nicholson’s Axe From ‘The Shining’ Sold At Movie Memorabilia Auction

The Winning Bid Was For Over $200,000

October 3, 2019


Some people spend way too much money on memorabilia, but when one of the most iconic movie items in history is up for sale, it’s worth every penny. Jack Nicholson’s axe from ‘The Shining’ went up for auction at the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction in London on Tuesday. The axe, which originally was expected to haul in around $50,000, ended up being sold for $200,000.

London’s British Film Institute held the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, which saw a number of famous items being sold off. Along with the axe from ‘The Shining,’ Jason Voorhees's chopper from the 2009 reboot of ‘Friday the 13th,’ and 900 other items were up for auction. Still, the most impressive jump in value came from Jack Nicholson’s iconic axe.

The axe comes from the famous scene where Nicholson’s character hunts down his wife, a terrified Shelley Duvall. The axe remains in “excellent condition” which helped it rise in value. Some of the other items that were sold were replica guns from the Bond movies, one of the model sharks from Jaws, Vito Corleone's pea coat from The Godfather: Part II and Russell Crowe's armor from Gladiator. Now there will be people roaming with streets with truly terrifying movie items.

Via Yahoo!